The Realisation of a New Logistics Centre for 11teamsports


Together with GEBHARDT Fördertechnik from Sinsheim, the football outfitter and sporting goods retailer 11teamsports completely reorganised their logistics at the new headquarters in Satteldorf in February. With the installation of a high-performance shuttle warehouse and the implementation of the "goods-to-man" principle, the company is well equipped for the growing challenges of the omnichannel business.

GEBHARDT Reference 11teamsports

A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

High-Performance Shuttles Master Growing Dynamics

Aside from just a few manual steps, storage in the automatic mini-load warehouse is fully automatic. A worker takes the goods from the delivery box and places them in the serviced container. At the same time, they scan the goods and the box, whereby the goods are automatically married to the container by the GEBHARDT StoreWare.

Increased Efficiency Through Dashboards and Digital Twinning

11teamsports has reached a whole new level of efficiency, thanks to the fully automatic shuttle warehouse. The newly achieved transparency has also contributed to this, through the complete digitalisation of the warehouse and warehouse processes. With GEBHARDT Galileo Insight, all operational data and therefore processes can be organised with significantly greater efficiency. It is possible to determine precisely when the order picking and the incoming goods areas were working at full capacity, or where congestion arose. As a result, the personnel can be better deployed and ultimately also work much more effectively.

Everything Always in View with GEBHADRT Galileo IoT

11teamsports can keep a close eye on all system components of the fully automated material flow system, thanks to the digital twinning of their warehouse in the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® platform. With the help of continuous condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, it is possible to save operating costs and simultaneously maximise the availability of the system.

„GEBHARDT and 11teamsports are rapidly growing, medium-sized businesses and for this reason, they are also well-suited for collaborating with each other.

Felix Duffner, Director Logistics at 11teamsports

GEBHARDT Realises Fully Automated Shuttle Solution at 11teamsports

The football outfitter and sporting goods retailer 11teamsports has completely reorganized the logistics at its new headquarters in Satteldorf together with GEBHARDT Fördertechnik from Sinsheim. With the installation of a high-performance shuttle warehouse and the implementation of the "goods to man" principle, the company sees itself prepared for the growing challenges of the Omnichannel business.

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