Construction of a High-Performance Logistics Center


STIHL’s high-performance logistics centre in Dieburg has an area of 25,000 sqm and ensures the fast supply of chainsaws, equipment, accessories, spare parts and advertising material to speciality dealers. GEBHARDT implemented the entire conveyor and storage technology.

A Holistic Solution Across Different Areas

Goods Receiving

Deliveries are divided into small parts, large parts and finished goods and prepared for storage by the employees at the workstations.

Small parts, such as rails, are repacked into uniform containers and transported entirely automatically via a conveyor line to an automatic small parts warehouse for storage.

Single SKU pallets, such as those with cut-resistant pants, are transported directly to the high-bay warehouse for storage.

Finished goods, such as chainsaws, are transported and stored in a high-bay warehouse.

Customer Service

STIHL dealers offer professional advice, individual instruction and comprehensive service.

Many products are available immediately from the speciality dealer. Products not in stock are delivered to the dealer by the STIHL sales centre within 24 hours.

The dealer's ordering system ensures an optimum process and smooth handling. As a result, the order arrives at the speciality dealer the next day.

Picking Workstations

Electronic orders are processed automatically in the STIHL ERP system and transferred to the warehouse management system.

The carton sizes for the orders are calculated and automatically erected, labelled and routed to the appropriate picking areas. During order processing, the picking areas are continuously replenished. Parallel to replenishment, the retailer's order is forwarded to the appropriate picking areas.

In the Pick by Light area, the employee is guided to the correct storage compartment by an indicator light. The employee picks and confirms the displayed quantity.

The Final Step

The speciality dealer assembles the chain, bar and chain guard to the chainsaw and hands over the saw in a ready-to-use condition. Instructing the customer how to use his new products is part of the exclusive dealer experience.

The quality of the products, the quality of the logistics service and the quality of the speciality dealers ensure customer satisfaction and the company’s success.

GEBHARDT conveyor and warehouse technology at STIHL

The highly efficient logistics centre has an area of 25,000 sq m and ensures the fast delivery of chainsaws, equipment, accessories, spare parts and promotional materials to its authorised dealer network. Gebhardt Fördertechnik installed the entire conveyor and warehouse technology.

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