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C-Log Solutions

The logistics service provider C-Log Solutions, headquartered in Saint-Malo, France, has been supporting the fashion and textile retail business of the Beaumanoir Group and external partners locally and abroad for many years. By choosing the product portfolio of GEBHARDT, the company sees itself optimally equipped for the changing purchasing habits of consumers and the high demands of the textile retail business regarding a continuous increase in performance.

GEBHARDT Reference C-Log Solutions

A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

Modern Intralogistics System With Fair

The warehouse has five aisles, each with automatic storage and retrieval machines and a double load handling device for double-sided, double-deep storage and retrieval. Ten additional GEBHARDT StoreBiter® One-Level-Shuttles (OLS) were integrated.

Dynamic Picking Warehouse With GEBHARDT StoreBiter® Multi-Level-Shuttle (MLS)

One StoreBiter® MLS drives per aisle and level, which can serve several shelf levels without vertical conveyors and replenish the channels with cartons from the DHS warehouse.

Modern Support for Employees

The employees pick using a visual display on a mobile terminal to the picking cart. Here the quantity, the picking location and the corresponding carton are displayed. This procedure is supported by a Pick-by-Light system.

Shuttle Replaces the SRM

Since the shuttle weighs ten times less than an SRM, it has much higher acceleration values and a signi­- cantly higher speed, and on top of that, it consumes much less energy.

„We, SR Consulting, as an engineering and project management company, have worked on many projects with the Gebhardt Group, which has supplied us and always met our needs / For this project we were working on, we chose the Gebhardt Group because it was the only company that could convince us and support us in the suitability and feasibility of our ideas.

P.J. Schmitt, Manager, SR Consulting France

GEBHARDT at C-Log in France

he French textile logistics service provider C-Log, headquartered in Saint Malo, is striving to meet the growing demands of its customers and parent company Beaumanoir. Accordingly, over time, all logistics sites have been converted into state-of-the-art and almost automatically controlled centers. This year, GEBHARDT Fördertechnik commissioned a fully automated warehouse with several kilometers of conveyor line at its main site in Saint Malo - a logistics center that incorporates a newly developed warehouse technology (DHS). It is characterized by the interaction between the stacker crane, which acts as a lifter, and the shuttle system, which takes over the function of the operator. The shuttles serve the stacker crane with the goods to be stored and retrieved. This significantly reduces the mean travel distances of the stacker crane, which on the one hand increases the performance of the system and on the other hand significantly reduces energy consumption.

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