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Clas Ohlson

Increased throughput, improved sorting and consolidation, and optimal scalability of the system, all of which are partly automatic. With GEBHARDT, the Swedish retail company Clas Ohlson has optimized its distribution centre in Insjön by implementing a semi-automated consolidation area and a sorting and packaging process.

The result: up to 10,500 e-commerce orders can be processed daily. Additional solutions are being planned to meet the future needs and capacity at the distribution centre.

GEBHARDT Reference Clas Ohlson

Increased Throughput Thanks to Automation

Consolidation of Cartons of Various Sizes

The consolidation sorter was installed on the upper floor. Products from different orders arrive at the consolidation area from the automated small parts warehouse and the high-bay warehouse and are brought together. Up to eight employees work at the consolidation sorter at a total of 32 chutes, with access to all chutes via four pushcarts on each side.

From there, the conveyor system transports the packed cartons to the dispatch department and serves them to the packing machine and the lid-sealing  machines corresponding to the size via various discharge lines.

The Correct Sorter for Every Size

The finished cartons are transported via a belt conveyor from the upper floor to the ground floor. Here, the cartons are scanned and checked by sensors after being sealed. In case of deviations, they are fed to a reject station, where they are manually checked and repacked. Depending on the parcel size, the XS or SML packaging sorter takes over the further distribution of the cartons to the correct endpoints. Packages of the size 270 x 180 x 130 mm are sorted by the XS sorter.

Clas Ohlson now has a practical and scalable system with the implemented solution. The company can now meet the increasing e-commerce volumes. To increase throughput and efficiency as well as increase volumes and to secure them permanently, further system components are already being planned together with GEBHARDT to ultimately realize a fully automated distribution centre.

„The cooperation with GEBHARDT was professional; the work method, the proposed solution, and the system were important to us. We worked closely with GEBHARDT during the whole project, and the results after implementation are very good and reliable, and all within our scheduled timeframe.“

Mats Bergmann, Project Manager at Clas Ohlson

GEBHARDT Automates the Consolidation Area as well as Sorting and Packaging Process at Clas Ohlson

The Swedish retail company Clas Ohlson strives to beautify its customers’ homes by offering a wide range of smart, simple, and practical products and solutions at attractive prices. In the company’s distribution centre, an automated consolidation area has been implemented, and the sorting and packaging process has also been automated. As a result, up to 10,500 e-commerce orders can now be processed daily. The GEBHARDT solution has provided Clas Ohlson with an effective and scalable system, enabling the company to master the increasing e-commerce orders.

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