GEBHARDT Lifts the Pick Performance to a New Level


Online trade is booming, while at the same time customer demands on trade logistics are growing in terms of speed, punctuality, quality and costs. ETRA Oy, a supplier of technical products, industrial parts, accessories and services, is meeting these challenges by expanding its logistics centre in Hämeenlinna. Together with the GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group from Sinsheim, a solution was implemented which is able to permanently cope with both the strong growth of ETRA and its customer requirements.


A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

The Way Through the Warehouse

The warehouse is designed doubledeep and is operates in two of the four aisles with one GEBHARDT Cheetah® eco storage and retrieval machine each and in the other two aisles with ‑ve GEBHARDT StoreBiter® Multi-Level-Shuttle (MLS) arranged one above the other.

Perfectly Coordinated Order Picking

At ETRA, goods are picked from the new small parts warehouse at a total of six picking workstations according to the "goods-to-person" principle. It is supported by the GEBHARDT Pick-to-Light (PTL) system.

Always Keep the Overview

The entire logistics process is controlled by the warehouse management software (WMS) SuPICS-L8 from S&P. The software interacts seamlessly with the GEBHARDT control system and provides online and in real-time data for control, possible malfunctions and scanner statistics. In addition, the software cockpit shows precise information at any time about the status, ­ll level, storage and retrieval of both small parts warehouse, the picking as well as all open and completed orders per day. The combination of the SuPICS-L8 and the GEBHARDT control system thus ensures a high-performance material ­flow.

"After our first joint project in 2011, we have also decided in favour of the GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group for the extension and optimisation of our processes here in Hämeenlinna. We were convinced not only by the concept, but also by the reliability, cooperation and flexibility."

Pekka Pöntiö, Head of Logistics at ETRA Oy

GEBHARDT – State-of-the-Art Warehouse Technology
at ETRA Oy in Finland

GEBHARDT implements a comprehensive solution concept with a four-aisled tote warehouse with 49,500 container storage locations, ten Multi-Level-Shuttles (MLS) and two automated storage and retrieval machines (AS/RS).

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