Warehouse capacity limitations are not for champions - INTERSPORT Deutschland eG from Heilbronn also believed this. The continuous growth in assortment and unit sales and the increasing complexity of distribution brought the central warehouse to its limits. In addition, a low level of automation was
hindering the necessary flexibility and the expansion of delivery services for retailers as part of the BEST IN SPORTS strategy. So, it was high time to act. Together with GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group, the company realised a warehouse expansion based on highly automated intralogistics components and is
once again a front-runner in terms of service, delivery speed, and customer satisfaction.


A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

The Route Through the Warehouse

The entire logistics process chain and warehousing are divided into a high-speed picking and shipping system with a connection to an automated carton warehouse (automatic miniload warehouse) with a total of 74 GEBHARDT StoreBiter® One-Level-Shuttles (OLS) and six storage and retrieval machines (SRM).

The goods receipt is automated in the best possible way via GEBHARDT ConBooms and connected to the miniload warehouse via conveyor technology. The miniload warehouse is connected to the »fast-moving zone« and the packaging and shipping area via connecting conveyor technology. A total of 4.3 km of
conveyor technology was installed in the project.

Order Picking and Shipping

Picking occurs at shuttle pick stations and in the fast-moving order picking area. Pick-by-light is used both at the shuttle pick stations and in the fast-moving
zone, which consists of 36 picking stations. Following picking and automatic weighing, the shipping cartons enter the packing line consisting of 24 packing stations. The cartons are then transferred to the shipping area via automatic strapping.

„When all is said and done, it is essential to have the right technology. And
I have to say that GEBHARDT was the right choice for us. The fact that we
were on time and within budget speaks for itself."

Thomas Storck, CFO of INTERSPORT Deutschland eG

GEBHARDT aligns INTERSPORT logistics center with new market and distribution requirements

INTERSPORT is number one in sports retail and supplies over 1,000 retailers worldwide - and with growing success, thanks to the omnichannel platform. Tight warehouse space and outdated software urgently required a modernization of the goods receipt. With the solutions from GEBHARDT, more than 2,000 containers per hour are now checked in at the goods receiving area and around 1,800 containers per hour are stored and retrieved. You can see how this was realized in detail in the reference video.

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