Efficient and Sustainable: Material and Goods Flow in the "gut drauf" Electronics Manufacturing Plant

Jäger Direkt

Since May 2016, Jäger Direkt and the "gut drauf" Electronics Manufacturing Plant have combined production, order picking, and shipping under one roof. The GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group has implemented the entire high-performance conveyor technology including material flow control for the new factory, thus creating optimal intralogistics conditions. The logistics solution can be expanded, and up to 15 employees can be assigned to the 13 order picking stations. Up to 325 order containers are picked per hour.

GEBHARDT Reference Jäger Direkt

A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

Versatile Lifting Beam Warehouse Increases Process Dynamics

With a total of 1,536 storage locations, the lifting beam warehouse primarily functions as an order buffer. Since two bins are stored or retrieved double-deep in the storage compartments, the capacity is 85 double cycles/h per lifting beam.

Individually Coordinated Picking and Shipping Center

The material flow system (MFS) controls the plant's process and conveyor technology, including the lifting beam storage devices. The GEBHARDT StoreWare warehouse management software (WMS) controls the maintenance, activation, and allocation of the picking workstations and the shipping units' distribution to the parcel ejection's three lanes.

This solution gives us all the options we need to expand, both in terms of construction and production as well as in terms of conveyor and shelving technology and the warehouse management system."

Jens Fischer, Member of the Management Board at Jäger Direkt

GEBHARDT Intralogistics Solution at Jäger Direkt

To bring production and logistics together under one roof and thus be optimally equipped for the planned future expansions, Jäger Direkt, a specialist for installation, building, and lighting technology as well as mobile power supply, has realised a new plant with integrated shipping at the Heppenheim site, which was put into operation in May 2016. GEBHARDT was commissioned for the intralogistics concept with conveyor technology and lifting beam storage.

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