Centralisation of Logistics Processes


GEBHARDT implemented the conveyor and warehouse technology solution at Miele & Cie. KG's central spare parts warehouse near their Gütersloh headquarters. With 18,700 storage locations in the high-bay pallet warehouse and more than 43,000 storage locations in the automatic miniload warehouse, this German manufacturer of household and commercial appliances is prepared for future dynamic growth.

GEBHARDT Reference Miele

A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

Thoughtfully Executed Goods Flow

The storage and retrieval is subsequently performed by one of the six Cheetah Eco storage and retrieval machines, which travel in the 6-Aisle, 13-metre high miniload warehouse. The total storage capacity is 25,000 different articles.

Ergonomic Workstations for Employees

All workstations were jointly developed and designed by Miele and GEBHARDT, considering workplace ergonomics. As a result, inside the conveyor system, the workers can tilt both the pallets and the order containers to remove the goods ergonomically, thereby reducing physical strain.

Employee Support in Order Consolidation

Order consolidation is an element of the new central spare parts warehouse.  Various order items are intermittently stored and retrieved in a shelving system. A "put-to-light" system is used to support the workers with this task.

Packaging and Shipping Coordination

All packaged boxes pass through two strapping machines and a weighing and sizing measuring unit before being discharged by an F-RED sorter to one of the nine different destinations. The lift table sorter transports various box sizes quietly and carefully. Two of the destination routes are linked directly to the GEBHARDT ConBoom telescopic belt conveyor to enable the transport right into the truck or to a dock door.

Conveyor and storage technology in the central spare parts warehouse of the company Miele

The concept included a high-bay pallet warehouse, an automatic miniload warehouse, incoming goods and order picking workstations, consolidation areas, storage and retrieval machines, pallet and container conveyor technology, packaging stations and telescopic belt conveyors.

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