Rethinking How to Link End-of-Line Solutions Optimally


In addition to the desire for the fastest and most efficient intralogistics solution possible, the industry is driven by the increasing demand for individualisation and new digital solutions. The philosophy here is fl­exibility and scalability. Technical solutions must be adaptable, both in terms of throughput and product dimensions. The collaboration between MOSCA GmbH and GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group shows how automatic guided vehicles can be used to rethink how to optimise end-of-line solutions.


One Solution for the Entire Material Flow Process


The modular KARIS® automated guided vehicle (AGV) features uninterrupted material fl­ow solutions.  It delivers an efficient and autonomous linking of multiple process steps, improving the workflow through the MOSCA strapping machine.

„Taking a holistic view of every challenge in intralogistics and developing a corresponding solution has characterised our work for almost 70 years. In doing so, we [at GEBHARDT] do not see stationary and flexible components as an obstacle, but rather as a means of achieving an uninterrupted, flexible, and scalable material flow"

Jan Schlichting, Head of Sales Mobile Robotics and AGVs at GEBHARDT

Automated Guided Vehicles from GEBHARDT to Optimally Link End-of-Line Processes

Linking of end-of-line processes via the GEBHARDT KARIS® AGVs and MOSCA strapping machine solutions. The AGVs use map layouts to move autonomously in the production environment and independently avoid obstacles if necessary.

The AGVs automatically pick up packages and can transfer them at different heights to downstream stations using an integrated lifting system. Thanks to an interface and mobile app, our AGV can also be conveniently operated and tasked via tablet computer or other terminal devices, allowing performance analysis.

The YouTube Video is from MOSCA GmbH, NOT from GEBHARDT

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