A Picking System at the Core of the Logistics Center


5 km conveyor technology, 3 continuous lifts, 96 picking stations and 60 shop and shipping stations each are the result of the new central European warehouse of the international provider of motorcycle clothing and accessories.

GEBHARDT Reference Polo

A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

Inbound Goods

Containers with target data are put on at the connection point of inbound goods; they are reviewed at a contour and weight inspection and lifted from a conveyor height of 650 mm to 8,150 mm on the 4th upper level of the picking facility with an incline belt conveyor.

Order Type

The GEBHARDT MFR receives the order data from the Polo host system. Then it mates the transport containers to the orders received. A swiveling skate wheel transfer with 2 inputs and 2 outputs downstream of the parallel order start is the central connection from order start and picking.


Three GEBHARDT circulation lifters connect the level loops, which are approx. 200 m long each. Each level loop supplies containers to and removes them from the picking loops - each of which is approx. 100 m long – of a level. When picking is complete, the finished order containers are supplied specifically to one of 60 shop or 60 shipping stations. Empty containers are returned to the order start by the employees using an empty container section above the shipping stations, and will be available for new transport orders there.


Two Siemens S7300 controls with two VIPA SPEED CPUs control the conveyor system with 487, in part frequency-controlled, drives.

„Our expectations were more than just met.“

Manfred Steffens, Polo GmbH

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