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Ralawise  Limited,  a  worldwide  supplier  and  distributor  of  T-shirts,  hoodies,  polo  shirts and other apparel for the printing industry, embroidery and decoration, expan-ded  its  warehouse  capacity  at  the  Chester  location  together  with  the  GEBHARDT  European  Conveyor  System  Ltd.  (ECS).  With  the  new  central  warehouse,  equipped  with a modern picking and conveyor system as well as various lifts, Ralawise is crea-ting  the  basis  to  meet  further  growth  and  to  be  able  to  offer  excellent  customer  service also in the future. alongside value-for-money.

GEBHARDT Referenz Ralawise

A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

The New Centrepiece

The core of the new building is a highly automated order picking system, which was developed and installed by GEBHARDT and which replaces the labour-intensive manual order picking. Now the pickers all work within the shortest distance to the automatic conveyor system, which automatically transfers each carton or plastic container between the respective picking zones and ‑nally to the shipping area. The system has a maximum throughput of 720 containers or cartons per hour and requires far fewer personnel. It also delivers products from the block storage to replenish the picking racks as required.

Transport from A to Z

The GEBHARDT conveyor technology with automatic 2 roller accumulation transports cartons and containers to the outgoing goods.

Carton Erecting Made Easy

Infeed station for automatic box erection and labelling of carrier and destination information for picking.

The Final Touch

At the replenishment infeed line, the carton is automatically cut and perforated and fed over 4 ­oors to a prede‑ned storage location.

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