Fully Automated Logistics Processes


UNI ELEKTRO has expanded its site in Eschborn with an automatic mini-load warehouse to realise more e­ective order processing. The shuttle warehouse can up to 68,000 containers and is linked to state-of-the-art conveyance technology. Order picking in the logistics centre takes place with GEBHARDT SimplePick high-performance workstations.


A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

The SimplePick high-performance workstation

All source containers belonging to an order are transferred to the workstation. A display is used to visually inform the worker how many articles are to be picked from each source container and placed in the order container. A feature of SimplePick is that it is possible to process containers of di­erent sizes at the same workstation, at the same time.

Via the Conveyor System to the Packing Workstations

If articles have been removed from the green source container but it is not yet empty, it is immediately transported back into the shuttle warehouse. However, if the source container is empty, it is sent to the incoming goods area and filled with new goods. The red, completed order containers are transported to the packaging workstations via the conveyance technology.

From Packing to Shipping

The goods from the order containers are packaged and labelled at twelve packaging workstations. A GEBHARDT ConVer® 147 goods lift ensures that the packaging area is well supplied with boxes. The finished boxes and the empty order containers are subsequently sent on the same conveyance section and the order trays are discharged into a bu­er zone for interim storage, until the order picking workstations need to be replenished.

GEBHARDT shuttle warehouse at UNI ELEKTRO

GEBHARDT implements intralogistics solution at UNI ELEKTRO Fachgroßhandel GmbH & Co. KG in the central warehouse in Eschborn.

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