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Apprenticeships at GEBHARDT

Perhaps you’ve just finished school and are looking for an apprenticeship or training with variation – somewhere you can master challenges and demonstrate your skills and capabilities? GEBHARDT offers a number of apprenticeships that will allow you to craft a successful professional future for yourself.

The following is an overview of the apprenticeships that we have available:

Courses of Study at GEBHARDT

A dual study programme allows you to combine study with practice. Depending on the course of study that you follow, you will learn the theoretical basics at DHBW Mosbach, DHBW Mannheim, DHBW Heilbronn or DHBW Karlsruhe. You will then acquire practical experience through insight into our individual departments.

Additionally, in cooperation with Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, we also offer a course of study with in-depth practical training.

The following is an overview of the dual study programmes that we have available:

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