GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group

Next Generation Intralogistics

GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group is your partner for innovative, customized intralogistics systems. Together with our customers, we develop individual solutions for internal logistics and guarantee comprehensive support. From planning and manufacturing to complete implementation, we offer everything from a single source - and have been setting our customers' internal logistics in motion for 70 years. Our portfolio offers flexible, modular products for conveyor and storage technology, integrated concepts for warehouse automation, and software solutions that can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Use the potential of innovative technologies with GEBHARDT and raise your intralogistics to a new level through Industry 4.0.


GEBHARDT was founded in 1952 as a mechanical engineering company and has vast experience in developing and manufacturing system solutions for internal logistics. All components and systems are produced in-house in the German production plants in Sinsheim and Sinsheim-Dühren as well as internationally in Nottingham (UK) and Streetsboro, OH (USA) on 22,500 sqm. "Keep it simple!" - The trademark and USP of GEBHARDT are the simple design and the robust construction. The interaction of different configuration options, the individually designed solutions, and the compatibility with existing production plants give your company the leading edge. In addition, GEBHARDT is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Company Objective

Continuous development, integration of new technologies and procedures, and sustainable processes and materials form the foundation of the modern material flow systems of GEBHARDT. Our goal is to raise your internal logistics to a new level and provide a tailored solution to your specific requirements. With GEBHARDT, you can optimize processes, gain valuable time, and avoid friction losses!

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Product Range

GEBHARDT offers comprehensive solutions worldwide consisting of products and services for storage, conveying and sorting technology, and transport and assembly systems. The product portfolio ranges from individual material handling products, software, and services to turnkey logistics centers and Industry 4.0 solutions.

After-Sales Service 24/7

GEBHARDT strives and is proud to offer its customers the best customer service and maintenance assistance. All service employees are comprehensively trained in all areas, from installation to commissioning. With our flexible in-house service teams and remote diagnosis and maintenance through augmented reality solutions, qualified assistance is available around the clock: 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


We have been a global partner and service provider for companies in trade, industry and distribution for almost 70 years. GEBHARDT solutions are used in various sectors such as industry, automotive, trade & e-commerce contract logistics, fashion & consumer goods, food & beverages and healthcare.

GEBHARDT academy

We train to retain! Within the GEBHARDT academy, our trainees and students pass through many different departments during their training or studies. The students gain a holistic insight into our processes and internal procedures, get to know the daily business, deal with problems on their own responsibility, and establish solution proposals within smaller projects.

Consequently, our trainees and students learn a lot about themselves. They will be able to identify what they particularly enjoy doing, where their strengths lie, and what tasks they can imagine for their future.

We want to prepare them in the best possible way for their future and provide them with the knowledge they will need later on in their professional lives.

Our goal is for the trainees and students to realize their true selves with us and discover the professional field they feel passionate about. With our support, they should be able to achieve their goals and further advance the GEBHARDT company with their developed skills.