A good start to the new training year

Sinsheim, 4th September 2013 - GEBHARDT, as a medium-sized company with approximately 320 staff member, employs nearly 40 students, trainees and interns since the start of the new training year. This number is representative and demonstrates that GEBHARDT counteracts against the lack of specialists existing on the market and that GEBHARDT invests a lot in the training of young people. “From the beginning we can familiarize our young people with our products and our working method and this depicts a big potential that can be extended”, so Fritz Gebhardt, managing partner of GEBHARDT Group GmbH & Co. KG.

All trainees and students get to know the relevant departments during their training, so that an optimal transfer of knowledge is guaranteed. The education takes as well place in two foreign branches of GEBHARDT in Austria and England. This underlines the international character of the company.

Training possibilities at GEBHARDT are predominant in technical occupations. The professions cover hereby a wide spectrum ranging from industrial mechanics, technical product designers to electronics technicians and IT specialists.

GEBHARDT also offers dual degree programs at the Baden Württemberg cooperative state universities Mosbach and Mannheim. The course of studies can be selected from mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, applied computer science and business administration.

GEBHARDT offers, besides their own trainees and students, also numerous students from other universities the possibility to do their practical semester at GEBHARDT.

Still this September is GEBHARDT represented at the apprenticeships and training exchanges in Sinsheim. This is an event organized for young an interested people so that they can inform themselves on occupation, training and application at GEBHARDT.

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