Balls instead Easter Eggs

Sinsheim – 24th March 2016 – GEBHARDT gave 1000 balls for charity as an Easter present to all 23 kindergartens of the large district city Sinsheim. The mayor of Sinsheim, Jörg Albrecht, received the balls together with the majority of the representatives of the kindergartens.

The mayor Albrecht thanked GEBHARDT for this great idea on behalf of all and stressed the importance of GEBHARDT for the city Sinsheim. “In the meantime GEBHARDT employs worldwide 400 people and is therefore not only an attractive employer, but also for its products worldwide known. The company additionally gets involved with social activities again and again”, enthusiastically emphasized the mayor Jörg Albrecht.

Moreover, GEBHARDT provides a further part of the balls to the city Sinsheim. The mayor Jörg Albrecht has the intention to give pleasure to refugee children with these balls.

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