Efficient solution for simple sorting processes: The new GEBHARDT ArmSorter

With the GEBHARDT ArmSorter, GEBHARDT offers a perfect entry-level solution for companies that want to optimise their sorting processes. The GEBHARDT ArmSorter is a compact and modular solution with a unique price-performance ratio, perfect for small distribution centers and inbound sorting. The design is flexible and scalable.


The new GEBHARDT ArmSorter extends the GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group's sorting technology portfolio. The ArmSorter is characterised by its simple, modular design. All modules, whether end stations or individual elements of the sorting line, can be easily integrated. This allows for quick, hassle-free installation and maintenance and can be easily customized to fit your needs and existing building size.


The GEBHARDT ArmSorter's robustness and efficiency are evident in its sleek design and stable construction. The sorting solution is particularly cost-efficient and is ideal for situations with lower shipment volumes. The GEBHARDT ArmSorter convinces with a speed of 1.25 m/s and has been specially developed for standard sizes in dimensions from 200 x 150 x 10 mm to 1,200 x 800 x 800 mm and a weight of 0.1 to 35 kg. It ensures gentle sorting to the destinations and can achieve throughputs of up to 2,500 parcels, poly or paper bags per hour. Its flexibility allows the ArmSorter to be expanded easily to meet growing sorting capacity needs.


The system's high-end position density ensures accurate and reliable sortation. The sorter is the perfect solution, combining performance and efficiency even where space is limited. With the ArmSorter, GEBHARDT presents a solution that facilitates the entry into automated sorting technology for companies.


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