GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group acquires Swedish Else AB and strengthens software competence

GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of the renowned Swedish company Else AB ( This strategic decision marks a significant milestone in the further development of both companies and emphasises the increasing relevance of integrated software solutions in intralogistics. 

GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group is a leading global provider of intralogistics solutions, specialising in developing innovative solutions for logistics centres and production. With a strong global presence and a long track record, the company has established itself as a reliable partner for customers in various industries. Else AB, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a renowned company in the intralogistics industry. Since its founding in 2001, Else AB has been consistently developing and implementing innovative Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS). The success of Else AB is based on creating efficient and automated solutions for logistics and production, with over 200 customers relying on their expertise. 

The acquisition of Else AB by GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group results from long-term strategic planning. The two companies share a common vision and philosophy for the future of intralogistics, which forms the basis for this partnership. "We are proud to have convinced such a renowned company as Else to join us. Together, we will offer first-class solutions to drive the intralogistics industry forward," says Marco Gebhardt, CEO of GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group. 

The cooperation will enable Else AB to continue operating as an independent company within the GEBHARDT Group and to benefit from the Group's global resources and extensive expertise. This will allow Else AB to continue to be successful in the future and beyond Scandinavia and offer first-class, innovative solutions. Ola Persson and Stefan Bertling, managing directors of Else AB: "Thanks to our competent and dedicated employees, Else has had very satisfied customers from the very beginning. We have grown slowly to today’s about 40 employees. With GEBHARDT as owner, we get better market access and dare to grow more. GEBHARDT's organisation and values match well with ours, and we see this as the best way to secure the future for our employees and customers." 

The importance of software solutions in intralogistics is constantly growing as the industry faces increasingly complex challenges. Digitalisation and automation are crucial in increasing efficiency and flexibility in logistics centres and production. The combination of Else AB and GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group's expertise in software development will make it possible to offer leading solutions to these challenges.  "It is important to emphasise that Else AB can continue to operate independently in the market and will support all existing and new customers in the usual quality. Our customers' trust in our products and services is invaluable to us, and we want to ensure that they continue to receive the same excellent care and support in the future," Ola Persson and Stefan Bertling add.

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Press contact:
Shirley Gläsner
GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group 

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