GEBHARDT academy reaches 50

GEBHARDT welcomes 19 career starters and is investing in the future of young and motivated people. Sinsheim, 11th September 2015 –GEBHARDT, as a medium-sized company with approximately 400 staff member, employs 50 trainees and dual students since the new training year.  A number which represents that GEBHARDT invests a lot in the training of young people.

“The training of our own specialists is part of GEBHARDT’s corporate philosophy and plays a big role for the success of the company. We are striving to pass as much knowledge and experience as possible during the training. Through this the entering of the world of work should be from the beginning so that the trainees and students feel comfortable and enjoy themselves during learning and working”, states Marco Gebhardt, managing director of Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH.

Trainees and students can identify themselves with the company right from the start through the dual character between school or university and training company. Dependent on the course of study or the training occupation do all trainees and students of GEBHARDT get to know the relevant departments for their training, so that an optimal knowledge transfer is guaranteed. The theoretical content of training will be further extended in praxis. The GEBHARDT’s foreign branches in Austria, England and USA are also involved in the training program. On the one hand, the international character of the company is underlined and on the other hand do the trainees learn independence and the residence in England or USA improves their language skills.

Training possibilities at GEBHARDT are predominant in technical occupations as industrial mechanics, technical product designers, mechatronics engineers, electronics technicians and IT specialists. Nevertheless, industrial clerks are also trained at GEBHARDT. This technical predominance is similar with the, from GEBHARDT offered, dual degree programs. Mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, applied computer science and electrical engineering refer to the technical area whereas the economic area is covered with the course of study business informatics and business administration.

At the end, the motto is: after the training is before the career start. The intention of GEBHARDT is that the graduates should fill an appropriate vacancy and thus contribute to the company’s success.

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