GEBHARDT are awarded the contract for "Counting Line" from Dansk Retursystem

Sinsheim/Hedehusene - The GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group are awarded the contract by Dansk Retursystem A/S for the internal logistics system for process decoupling and company modernization due to growing production figures at the newly created company location in Taastrup, Denmark.

Dansk Retursystem is owned by several breweries and is a private and non-profit company. Its core business is the exclusive right in Denmark to collect and sort empty one-way beverage packaging (PET bottles, aluminium cans and glass bottles) before sending them to be recycled. According to Dansk Retursystem, more than 1.4 billion beverage containers were returned in Denmark in 2018, equivalent to around 3.8 million units per day. Dansk Retursystem's business model is based on a closed loop that must guarantee the entire process chain at the highest level.

In order to meet these growing demands and the larger volume of beverage packaging in its various production materials, but also to protect the environment and resources at the same time, the Danish company was looking for a conveyor and storage technology manufacturer which would enable new and more automated processes.

Furthermore, as part of its strategic business planning, Dansk Retursystem has set itself targets for 2020, which include efficiency, health and safety as well as social responsibility. Therefore, the new plant and all production equipment used within must meet high standards to achieve these goals.  

Almost 1.5 km of conveyor technology from Sinsheim

The GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group, headquartered at Sinsheim together with the newly founded branch GEBHARDT Nordic ApS in Hobro (Denmark), has been awarded the contract which has been subject to EU public tender procurement. The conveyor technology manufacturer was able to score points with the quality of its products and the project implementation concept.

“We are delighted to have an experienced partner for our new plant. Internal logistics systems are the core competence of GEBHARDT, and we are looking forward to bringing their quality equipment and technology to our plant,” says Dansk Retursystem CEO Lars Krejberg Petersen.

On Friday, 9th of August 2019, the contracts were signed by both sides in Denmark. GEBHARDT is pleased to support Dansk Retursystem in the realisation of its strategic goals and the introduction of a new production plant. The start of the installation of the project is already planned for March 2020 and the go-live will take place in September of the same year.

The new production plant on two floors and a total area of approx. 6000 m2 automates the processes of goods receipt, goods distribution, intermediate buffer, deposit counting as well as feeding for material sorting and preparation. The heart of the system will be the nine-aisle container buffer warehouse on the first floor, which in future will make it possible to decouple the various processes and to enable continuous counting of the deposit bottles.

At the new facility GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group will supply more than 500 m pallet conveyor technology, 200 m belt conveyor technology and 550 m container conveyor technology, as well as three automated guided vehicles and up to eleven stacking and de-stacking units.

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