GEBHARDT ConVer Goods Lifts– 2000 / 1100 / 110 / 10

2000, 1100, 110 and 10 – These are numbers that represents the successful usage of the GEBHARDT ConVer configurator on the internet. This system already exists for 10 years now, that an individual design of GEBHARDT ConVer goods lifts is possible through the internet at With the help of this online-product-configurator, which is available in 8 languages, all criteria can be generated, as payload, number of stops, size of the car, position of the motor, type and number of access points and the colour design, by the customer itself. Thereby, the modular structure of GEBHARDT speaks for itself.

This structure is beneficial for development as well as for planning and calculation. And this with success as the numbers show. Within the first 10 years 2000 goods lifts has been configured and requested. Out of this, over half of them (nearly 1100 pieces) has been sold.  This means on average a number of approx. 110 goods lifts every year, which are sold within Europe and worldwide to e.g. China, Russia, India or Mexico. All numbers speak for themselves. The same opinion is Reinhold Himmelhan, one of the managing directors of GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH:” The prospective buyer gets in the short term a binding quotation, in which also additional given special desires and particular customer requirements are considered.  After sending the online-request, every customer gets additional help and support from one staff member of our GEBHARDT ConVer-team.”

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