GEBHARDT FlexConveyor – the innovative adaptation to radically changes commodity flows

Sinsheim, 12 April 2011 - Smaller numbers in growing variety must always be delivered and accepted flexible and quickly. Especially mail order companies and accessory industries are affected. With conventional conveyor technology, the new situation is unmanageable - neither effective nor efficient. What is needed is a flexible conveyor system

What makes the innovative GEBHARDT FlexConveyor adaptable for the changing demands in intralogistics?

1. The modular design with quick mechanical and electrical coupling without assembly tool

Each module is equipped with an autonomous drive and control unit. Thereof there are different standard versions with different conveyor functions and dimensions: as a driven roller conveyor, combined with converters, switches, etc.

With the integrated GEBHARDT ConveyorConnect technology, the various modules can be combined to any topology - tailored for the specific logistical requirements. Just as quickly, the modules can be decoupled again to adapt to changing conveying conditions - without the assistance of the manufacturer.

2. Modules with decentralized, robust control units

The FlexConveyor modules include all the necessary sensors, actuators and the logical control. Its special software, the operator can play, upgrade or switch back itself. The system automatically recognizes the own topology without programming. The routing of the conveyed goods takes place autonomously and considers alternative routes.

There are no collisions that lead to blockages.

Through open interfaces to communicate with higher-level WMS or ERP host systems is possible without any problems - as well as to peripheral devices e.g. scales and labellers.

The GEBHARDT FlexConveyor controls itself independently without a central material flow computer - a very outstanding advantage.

3. The consistent application of energy-saving 24V motors and avoiding pneumatics ensure the resource-saving operation.

4. There can be also achieved exceptional economically benefits with the GEBHARDT FlexConveyor.

With the flexible use peak periods can be compensated. GEBHARDT provides, when needed, a rental or lease model. This reduces the "total cost of ownership" significantly.

Depending on workload, with the GEBHARDT FlexConveyor also assembly and production divisions can be optimized.

The GEBHARDT FlexConveyor already orientates at the remote control concept of the information technology, as known from the internet. It thus represents the first truly practical realization of flexibility and modularity of continuous conveyors.

Product Website:  GEBHARDT FlexConveyor

GEBHARDT FlexConveyor – List of benefits

+ Fast flexible adaptation to changing performance and layout requirements.
+ Fast mechanical and electrical coupling without assembly tool - simply by the operator.
+ Combined with superordniated conveyor systems and peripheral devices - mechanically as electrically.
+ Orientation as in conventional conveyor systems via switches, converter.
+ For simple shipping lines with a few modules up to complex material flow systems with hundreds of modules.
+ Dezentralized control system automatically and without programming detects the own topology and controls autonomously the material flow. A central material flow computer is not needed.
+ The system works without collisions and blockages.
+ All modules are equipped with the necessary sensors, actuators and the logical control. The software can be installed by the operator itself.
+ Identification through established technologies such as RFID, barcode, etc.
+ Resource saving operation thanks to energy-saving 24V motors and waiver of pneumatics.
+ Economic use via lease opportunities in seasonal peak periods.
+ Increase in productivity through use in assembly and production areas.
+ Open for decentralized control concept, known from the Internet, as the first truly practical realization of flexibility and modularity of continuous conveyors.

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