GEBHARDT Fördertechnik at the LogiMAT 2015

Stuttgart / Sinsheim – 11th February 2015 – From the first day, intensive discussions and targeted interest in specific application-orientated intralogistics solutions characterizes the fair stand of GEBHARDT Fördertechnik at the trade fair LogiMAT 2015, which took place in Stuttgart from 10th to 12th February. GEBHARDT’s fair stand was a large one with 270 square meters and therefore the company was main exhibitor in hall 5. Temporarily the stand was a bit crowded so that the exhibits almost turn to minor matters and “Just on the basis of the visitor number could be already on half-time of the fair talked of a big fair success”, emphasized Marco Gebhardt. “Quality and intensity of the discussions are on extraordinary high level. Visitors at least want to touch on solutions for concrete projects in the intralogistics” said Gebhardt.

One of the first visitors, who caught up on technology “Made in Germany”, was Peter Hofelich, member of the Landestag, and since 1th February 2015 state secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economy Baden-Württemberg. Hofelich, who is at the same time representative for medium-sized companies, discussed with Marco Gebhardt challenges for firms in industry and trade, who uses conveyor systems, and as well the manufacturers of conveyor systems. The intralogistics is a process of change in which efficiency and flexibility as well as ergonomics are dominant factors. Technically led work is a crucial topic through which people would be relieved. Because no logistics center can function without participation of people.

GEBHARDT Fördertechnik demonstrates at the LogiMATwith “SimplePick” how through useful technology the burden of employees could be reduced. The distribution logistics challenges with higher ordering frequency and simultaneous lesser order volume. This new dynamic will be met through new structuring and automatization of processes whereas the employee is preserved. Efficiency is as well a key issue in the warehouse techniques, where autonomously acting pallet shuttle (StoreBiter 500-OLPS) are able to load and unload heavy goods. “A big part of discussions are even more than before complete, consistent system solutions, where their controlling seamlessly is integrated in the information technology of the user”, that’s how Marco Gebhardt explained the extensive range of services.  “According to this circumstance the software has a high priority at GEBHARDT Fördertechnik.”

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