Gebhardt Fördertechnik extends its shuttle-offer

Sinsheim, 30th January 2012 – Company’s needs for high performance capacity of their warehouses are increasingly demanding. Shuttles are a fast and flexible alternative to traditional storage and retrieval devices. To meet the growing requirements of customers, GEBHARDT extends its shuttle-programme with the StoreBiter 300 OLS. The StoreBiter 300 OLS is a particularly powerful new shuttle system for totes, cartons and trays in variable sizes up to 50 kg (single depth) or 100 kg (double depth).

“The StoreBiter 300 OLS originates from an advancement of the technology from GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 MLS and integrates lightweight structures and tailored controlling concepts”, explained Rolf Eder, sales director at Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH. Low dead weight but still high load capacity are the core attributes how the StoreBite 300 OLS can be described. The factor dynamic is as well considered with a velocity of 2.5 m/s and an acceleration of 2.5 m/s2. Not only does the StoreBiter 300 OLS moves fast in the alleys, but also the infeed and pickup of the conveying good happens with high velocity. The warehouse system can consist of one or multiple alleys, where each can be a possible application for several shuttles of the type StoreBiter 300 OLS. Every alley will be, dependent on the warehouse height, split in several levels. Lifting units are located at the end of an alley. Through these does the pickup of the totes take place or the shuttles are enabled to change levels.

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