Gebhardt Fördertechnik is BLUECOMPETENCE Alliance Member

Sinsheim 21st November 2011 - There is a ta talk of sustainability often today: It raises the question of new energy concepts, the use of scarce resources or effective environmental protection and those who are responsible for it. Especially the German engineering has the potential to offer cutting edge technologies that are a prerequisite for many sustainable and effective ideas. This responsibility arises the Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH as a partner of the sustainability initiative of the VDMA as BLUECOMPETENCE Alliance Member.

For nearly 60 years Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH develops system solutions for internal logistics in order to optimize processes, save energy and valuable time to win and to avoid friction losses. "Sustainable thinking determines our entrepreneurial activities", explains Fritz Gebhardt, CEO of Gebhardt Group. As a partner of BlueCompetence the company carries its message out and is committed collectively and with pooled resources, resources and expertise for sustainable products and production.

The sustainability initiative of the VDMA BlueCompetence participates in discussions on current issues such as electromobility, energy efficiency, energy policy, social, environmental and economic policy. The competence of mechanical engineering of environmentally friendly, energy- and resource-efficient solutions is emphasized increasingly in the public perception, sustainable technologies are actively promoted. Participants and partners provide a clear promise of quality.

With its products Gebhardt Fördertechnik contributes the objectives of the VDMA initiative and sustainability calculation: The stacker cranes for example, an intelligent energy management has been developed; the Shuttle System StoreBiter 300 is produced in energy-efficient lightweight construction, once it can not only can be faster outsourced, but also operating costs and energy can be saved.

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