Gebhardt Fördertechnik successful in Qatar

Sinsheim, 01 June 2012 - The emirate of Qatar in the Persian Gulf in the east of the Arabian Peninsula is one of the richest countries in the world and has in addition to the large oil deposits one of the world's most productive gas fields. Now it has begun an economic development comparable to Dubai 20 years ago. Qatar came in the limelight with its application for the Olympic Games 2020 and the awarding of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Currently the international airport in Doha is being expanded significantly. For the storage of the duty-free goods Gebhardt is providing conveyor and warehouse technology.

The duty-free system is implemented on behalf of Lödige Industries. On a visit to inspect the ongoing building operation in the capital Doha Managing Director Fritz Gebhardt, Marketing Communications Director William J. Hood and Ex-Chief Rolf Geinert in his new role as a consultant, took the opportunity to present the wide product portfolio of the Gebhardt Group to five other local businesses such as the logistics company Gulf Warehousing Company as well as Mercedes-Benz.

"This year Gebhardt Fördertechnik is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary, and as a family company we are very pleased with these promising projects in the Middle East," said Managing Director Fritz Gebhardt. With its new distributor Log Square Gebhardt Fördertechnik has had a presence in Dubai since March and has laid a solid foundation in order to strengthen its activities in the Middle East.

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