High Intelligent fair appearance

Sinsheim / Hannover, 10th May 2011 - The GEBHARDT Group presented at this year's CeMAT in Hannover under the programmatic motto: Next Generation Intralogistics with the GEBHARDT Flexconveyor the efficient answer to the complex demands of the global flow of goods.

Next Generation Intralogistics: Intralogistics solution with a high IQ.
Intelligent systems always work easily. Therefore, the advantages of the new GEBHARDT FlexConveyor can also be described with three clear attributes: Modular. Decentralized. Autonomous.

Next Generation Intralogistics: Flexibility as a competitive advantage.
The FlexConveyor contains all properties in order to respond to the complex and dynamic requirements of global markets. The FlexConveyor is with all conveyor systems configurable (modular), is working independently (autonomously) and makes sure by using its remote controlt hat in production no expensive downtime incurred (decentralized). It also automatically finds alternative routes, can be installed without tools and is due to its flexible modular system easy to use.

Next Generation Intralogistics: Efficiency as a competitive advantage.
With the FlexConveyor the GEBHARDT Group goes a decisive step towards Efficiency Company, because of the FlexConveyor is designed  in the offer design in a way that it is as a real partner for its customers: you can buy, rent or lease the FlexConveyor - and as a logistics provider you have the sufficient leeway to respond flexibly to changing market requirements at all times.

Next Generation Intralogistics: Worldwide resonance.
In addition to the exceptional crowds at the booth, it was mainly the quality of inquiries from around the world that make the GEBHARDT Group and its partners in England, the United States and Dubai look so optimistic into the future.

CeMAT 2011: Resummee.
Marco Gebhardt, CEO of GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH: "The CeMAT shows worldwide in which direction the intralogistics journey goes on, we have countless new contacts from which we can for asure generate exciting new businesses in the coming months. And what makes me particularly confidently: with the FlexConveyor we already have the future of intralogistics in offer. "

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