Innovative by tradition

Sinsheim, 07.07.2011. GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH takes the next step towards securing the future. Marco Gebhardt advances to the management of Sinsheim's manufacturer for intralogistic systems.

The perfect balance between tradition and innovation.
Those who enter the factories and the offices of the GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH in Sinsheim, find a company, that develops and produces conveyor systems in 14,000 square meters facility now in its third generation – and that presents intelligent logistic solutions for the challenges of the global market with the new generation of its conveyor and materials handling systems.

The next generation of Gebhardt introduces the next generation of intralogistics.
The recent launch of the GEBHARDT FlexConveyor is already in large part accredited to Marco Gebhardt: "For us innovation is never an end in itself, but technology that makes itself useful. While designing new conveyor systems, we think of specific customer benefits first - and quality check every innovation, which has the name Gebhardt on it."

From a family-company to an efficiency-company.
After executive partner Fritz Gebhardt has consistently expanded the renowned family business to a global efficiency-company in recent years, the release of the exhibition news is the next step towards leadership in innovation. The modular design makes the systems to a highly efficient piece of high tech that flexibly adapts to all the logistical needs of the customers – and underlines the "principle: customer first" once again.

Even individuals need a strong team.
What attracts attention: Marco Gebhardt always refers to the "we" in his sentences - meaning the well-practiced team of experts consisting of long-term employees as well as of the guide players Fritz Gebhardt (executive partner) and managing director Reinhold Himmelhan. Even with this form of appreciation of the staff, he follows the good tradition at GEBHARDT.

Made in Sinsheim. Outsourcing remains a foreign word.
Very confidence-building: the "principle: reliability" remains the topmost maxim of the company policy at GEBHARDT. All key components of the conveyor systems are designed, manufactured and assembled in Sinsheim. All customers of the Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH can trust in this complete quality assurance. Today and for the future.

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