Innovative Shuttle technology with GEBHARDT StoreBiter – faster, more effective, safer, more economical

Sinsheim, 30th March 2011 – The GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 MLS is the centerpiece inthe Shuttle area regarding to the latest technology in a modular rack system.

Speed and efficiency in the storage and retrieval are certainly achieved with an innovative gripper telescope technique and lifting device together with dynamic acceleration and integrated control.

The storage is accelerated by the automatic provision of the charge carriers in the required sequence.

Charge carriers for payloads up to 50 kg are totes, trays or cartons.

The rail- guided Shuttle system with the GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 MLS provides a significantly increased throughput towards a conventional storage and retrieval crane.


Expand modular with growing demands

The innovative storage system can be expanded from one aisle to more aisles. Even in the height multiple levels are possible. A StoreBiter can access multiple storage levels of an aisle.
For multiplication of the throughput more StoreBiter can interact at the same time.


Integrated control for perfect control

By linking the GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 MLS with the company's IT or a connection to an ERP system, for example, via the SAP interface GEBHARDT Connector, processes and inventories are always up-to-date, controlled and effectively controlled.

High performance indicate the innovative GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 MLS.

GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 MLS – in two versions with different acceleration.

  Type 750.01 Type 750.02
Driving speed       4-5 m/s 4-5 m/s
Driving acceleration 2 m/s² 3-4 m/s²
Lifting speed 1,5 m/s 1,5 m/s
Payload 1 x 50 kg / 2 x 100 kg 1 x 50 kg / 2 x 100 kg
Drive unit

contactless, with pole discs,
less maintenance, reduced Total Cost        
of Ownership

via toothed belt for higher acceleration

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