Invata Intralogistics Partners with the Gebhardt Group

CONSHOHOCKEN, PENNSYLVANIA – January 15, 2013  – Invata Intralogistics, Inc., an innovative authority in the design, automation, implementation, and life cycle support of supply chain optimization systems, today announced it is forming a strategic U.S. alliance with renowned material handling systems manufacturer Gebhardt Group’s, Gebhardt Material Handling Systems, as the German-based company looks to add more U.S.-based installations to its global footprint.

Gebhardt has asked Invata to partner with them to provide the software and system integration end of its U.S. build outs, because of Invata's unrivaled reputation as a top tier system integrator, software designer and engineering provider.  “We chose to team with Invata because their vision of product innovation and demand for quality on themselves mirrors those of Gebhardt.” Fritz Gebhardt, President and CEO of Gebhardt Material Handling Systems, continues,  “The entire Gebhardt team looks forward to a productive partnership with Invata, using our synergies to offer customers the best solution.”

Invata is the first market provider to offer a software platform that combines warehouse management, warehouse control, real time material handling control, and transportation management into one single layer of software.  This intelligent and predictive software suite — typically only available via multiple suppliers — provides a seamless synthesis of process and technology that enhances the performance of warehouses, order fulfillment operations and distribution centers.  It is easily supportable and makes for a more adaptable material handling system, capable of adapting to meet changes in business demands or direction.

"Gebhardt equipment is widely regarded as both highly innovative and the best quality equipment available," said Jay Moris, Co-President of Invata Intralogistics. "A strategic partnership between our firms will enable them to bridge any language barriers their EU customers might have in setting up operations on U.S. soil.  It also enables us to utilize highly sought-after German engineered technology in the implementation of projects for US based clients, whether the installation site is here or abroad.  We look forward to working with their highly experienced team."

About Gebhardt Group’s Gebhardt Material Handling Systems

Gebhardt Material Handling Systems, is a leading global supplier of 100% German-made, advanced material handling technology and software that includes tote/carton/pallet transport, conveyor systems, assembly systems, goods lifts, sorting systems, as well as storage/retrieval shuttles and cranes.

The family owned company has a sixty-year history of success in the development, manufacturing, and implementation of intralogistics systems in places like Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Poland, England, India, Israel, and Qatar – just to name a few.

About Invata Intralogistics (

Invata Intralogitics, Inc. is an innovative authority in the design, automation, implementation, and life cycle support of distribution and fulfillment center operations with demonstrable expertise in supply chain solutions and business process optimization.

Specializing in the symbiotic integration of the flow of information with the flow of material goods, Invata escalates each client's competitive advantage through a seamless synthesis of process and technology that results in a leaner, more profitable, more adaptable enterprise.

Offering a unique value proposition through partnering with its customers in ways other industry providers wouldn't dream of, Invata's elegantly engineered system designs are a hallmark of the synergies that come from shared ownership and an unsurpassed commitment to each customer's success.

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