Next Generation roller conveyors with innovative technology for other application areas and reduced energy consumption

Sinsheim, 14. April 2011 - Especially from the enormously growing shipping business and the fast-paced E-commerce environment new demands are comming up on the logistics area.

Here, as also at the traditional consignors  increasing numbers in different dimensions and weights up to 60 kg have to be brought safely and efficiently to their their destinations. The need for energy conservation makes more demands on transport systems.

New requirements need new solutions.

As a consequence GEBHARDT has developed a new generation of roller conveyors Type 323.

The ultimate innovative design feature is the division of the accumulating roller conveyor into functional units, each with an 24V energy-saving motor. Elaborate pneumatic is no longer required. A separation in transfers as vertical conveyors is functioning normally. Depending on the required throughput, the conveying speed adjusts automatically. Only required sections are activated by a sensor from the coneyed goods.

Different sized packages or containers run without stagnation pressure in the same and small distance. Thereby, as an effect, the accumulating capacity increased enormously. Conversely, less accumulating distance, space and energy are needed.

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