The first exhibition of the GEBHARDT Group in 2011 – a complete success

Sinsheim / Chicago, 28th March 2011 – The ProMAT in Chicago is next to the LogiMAT in Stuttgart, one of the first major international Trade fairs in the field Material Flow and Logistics. According to the organizers of the ProMAT this year the latest innovations and solutions in the said areas were presented on nearly 28,000 m² and with over 700 exhibitors. In addition to the numerous exhibitors, for visitors there were offered more information possibilities in productivity optimization by means of intralogistics solutions in a parallel educational conference and workshops.

According to the fair organizer about 30,000 visitors were registered during the 4-day event , which was already announced by a 29 percent increase in visitor pre-registrations compared to 2009, so the MHIA (Material Handling Industry of America), sponsor of ProMAT. Numbers that represent the importance of material handling solutions to the forefront and show that the economic recovery after the crisis has arrived in intralogistics.

Not only speaking to the public, also for the GEBHARDT Group this year's ProMAT was a complete success. Attractive magnet was the StoreBiter® 300 MLS on the 100 square meter stand of GEBHARDT USA. The GEBHARDT StoreBiter® 300 MLS is an innovative storage technology in order to ensure a speed and efficiency increase in accessing container compartments in a high-bay warehouse. An automated small parts warehouse with a 10 meter long and 2 meter high single-deep rack row was presented at the booth in order to represent a realistic situation with the  GEBHARDT StoreBiter®300 MLS. Advantageously at the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® 300 MLS is the economic X, Y, Z axis drive technology. On aluminum profiles the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® 300 MLS ensures rapid horizontal movement, while the power supply on a non-contact power transmission is based. The load handling device (LHD) which is on the StoreBiter® 300 MLS is driven to the desired storage compartment and dumps a container or brings a required container. Once various shelves are addressed, this system shows its advantages. The modular design allows several StoreBiter® 300 MLS can be used one above the other in an aisle, so that the throughput can be increased many times over. The reactions of the visitors to this GEBHARDT Shuttle technology has been very positive.
Besides the StoreBiter® 300 MLS there was also the GEBHARDT System 300, which presented the GEBHARDT material flow system for tote and carton conveyor transportation, in au round structure. Here was also a great interest of visitors.
The well-structured construction kit of the system 300 includes all modules for configuring material flow routes for the picking, for sorting and storage technology, such as accumulating roller conveyors, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, lifting and transfer devices. This variety of options is reflected in the other, not at the fair exhibited GEBHARDT products, so complete systems of the GEBHARDT System 500, the pallet conveyor technology and also warehouse technology solutions have been requested.

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