Three Guarantors for Joint Success

Sinsheim/Nurburgring/Hamburg - Last weekend, the 50th Adenauer ADAC Circuit Trophy took place at the Nürburgring. For the second time, the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo from Konrad Motorsport, drove under the sponsoring cooperation of GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group and REYHER out of the pit lane. Axcil Jefferies, from Harare (Zimbabwe) and Michele Di Martino, from Eitorf (NRW) achieved the class victory in the SP9 Pro-Am classification and with that the 5th place in the overall standings at the 4th race of the VLN endurance championship. Congratulations!

However, REYHER and GEBHARDT not only successfully work together in the field of motor sports, but also far beyond. In the Hamburg central warehouse of the leading wholesaler for fasteners and fixing technology in Europe, a two-aisle shuttle warehouse including StoreBiter 300 MLS was delivered by GEBHARDT Fördertechnik until 2013 for the container consolidation in front of the goods issue and various conveyor technology connections. In 2019 a further two-aisle GEBHARDT MLS shuttle warehouse and material flow components were added.

Unimaginable dimensions of intralogistics

At that time, a total of 30,000 tonnes of goods were stored in approx. 35,000 storage locations in an automatic high-bay pallet warehouse. Further storage locations were located in pallet picking (25,000) and in the automatic container warehouse (120,000). From the beginning, REYHER placed great emphasis in the automation of their intralogistics – from storage, to order picking, to goods issue.

Managing Director, Dr. Peter Bielert, described, "GEBHARDT Fördertechnik [...] as a competent partner who has contributed his own solution ideas and who was deterred by the complexity of our logistics centre".

Challenges are development and expansion at the same time

The complete realisation of the intralogistics system took place during operation, so the commissioning of the new solutions had to take place step by step. Since the entire system in this area could not be completely shut down, 50 percent of the capacities had to be relocated to other halls in order to meet the challenge.

With the new intralogistics solution and the doubled consolidation capacity, REYHER is now prepared for growth and further connections. Also, there is no end in sight between the two companies.

For more than 40 years

Following the development of the system, GEBHARDT and REYHER have found synergies in various areas and offering possibilities for cooperation. Their common passion for motorsports has opened new channels and new partnerships. With Konrad Motorsport, the two companies have now found a partner who sees "sponsoring not only as a sticker on the car", but one who offers success and emotion as a stage.

"By sponsoring the Lamborghini Huracan and its drivers, we live and support racing. Meanwhile, Konrad Motorsport offers us a platform from which we can benefit as partners and a concept that has been individually tailored to us," says Fritz Gebhardt, Managing Director of GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group.

The GEBHARDT brand represents an intense passion for racing rooted in the early 70s. Since then, numerous racing cars have been developed, built and sponsored by GEBHARDT, which to this day have won sporting victories and titles. Konrad Motorsport, with more than 40 years cooperation, has one of the longest partnerships with the GEBHARDT Motorsport Division.

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