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GEBHARDT Green Intralogistics

Solutions and products from GEBHARDT are constantly optimised against the backdrop of sustainability to adapt to your changing requirements. We take an integrated approach, from production to commissioning, which includes both mechanical and controls optimisation to minimise the total cost of ownership (TCO) and saving energy.

We use renewable energy to produce and manufacture systems and system components and keep in-house materials and economic cycles as short as possible. In service and support, we use augmented reality to reduce the number of customer on-site service visits.

Internal Sustainability

The opening of the new industrial park in Sinsheim-Dühren at the end of 2019 marked the end of our use of fossil fuels. The new building was planned and constructed to meet high energy-efficiency standards.

In May 2010, GEBHARDT’s photovoltaic system was completed at our headquarters and connected to the grid. The panels on the roofs of buildings 1 and 8 supply power of approximately 260 kW. This means an annual yield of approx. 254,000 kWh and an annual CO2 reduction of about 152,880 kg. It is not only the most extensive system in the area, but due to its unique substructure design, a visual highlight as well.

EcoVadis medal for GEBHARDT

EcoVadis is a global leader in corporate sustainability assessments. The EcoVadis Medal Programme recognises companies that have successfully completed the EcoVadis assessment process and demonstrated a strong management system that addresses the sustainability criteria outlined in the EcoVadis methodology. The criteria include: Environment, Ethics, Labour and Human Rights and Sustainable Procurement. The medal levels are based on the companies' percentage performance compared to other assessed companies in the EcoVadis network.

We are delighted to have won the EcoVadis Silver Medal for Sustainability in 2023. This award is a testament to our commitment and efforts in sustainability. It is a recognition of our performance compared to other assessed companies and serves as an indicator of our positive intentions and efforts to improve our sustainability management and increase our impact. We are proud of this award and will continue to work to improve our sustainability practices and make a positive impact in our industry and beyond.

GEBHARDT is a Member of the Climate Initiative »The Climate Pledge«

‘We’re turning the climate crisis into climate action and thus achieving the targets of the Paris Agreement ten years earlier,’ is the motto of the Climate Initiative, initiated in part by Amazon, and founded in 2019. We are also committed to making a sustainable contribution to climate protection.  By joining »The Climate Pledge«, we go even one step further and commit ourselves to be climate-neutral by 2040.

»The Climate Pledge« was founded in 2019 and calls on companies and organisations to take collective measures to tackle the climate crisis and work together to create a safer planet for future generations.

The Three Areas of Action in »The Climate Pledge«

Regular CO2 reporting

The signatories pledge to regularly measure and report greenhouse gas emissions.

Measures for CO2 Neutrality

The signatories pledge to implement decarbonisation strategies in accordance with the Paris Agreement by implementing business changes and innovation, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reduction, and other strategies to reduce CO2 emissions.


Reliable Offsetting Measures

The signatories pledge to implement measures to neutralise the remaining emissions through additional, quantifiable, enduring and socially beneficial offsets to reduce annual net CO2 emissions to zero by 2040.

Blue Competence

VDMA’s Blue Competence sustainability initiative commits us to contribute to a sustainable quality of life with our innovative products and pursue the goal of achieving more with fewer resources, and take responsibility. We are conscious of our need to be a role model company and pledge to respect our employees, customers, and suppliers.

One example is our GEBHARDT Cheetah® Neo: with its lightweight mast made from aluminium, we can reduce energy consumption. Additionally, there is an internal energy exchange between the drives and the released energy, which cannot be used in any other axis, is then fed back into the grid.

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