GEBHARDT Full-Service

Bespoke System Support

Our full service is a special form of customer care and involves deploying qualified personnel to your site to provide ongoing, daily support. For our full service, we select suitable employees based on your requirements to support your system from its assembly to commissioning, and then with daily support thereafter.

The full service team looks after your intralogistics system, taking care of regular maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting and management of the spare parts package. Additionally, our on-site team is also available to provide advice at any time, thereby ensuring the optimal condition of your system in the long term.

Advantages and Benefits

  • No response times
  • No (or only limited) own personnel required
  • Rapid repairs
  • Improved availability
  • Optimal fault analysis
  • Spare parts warehouse management
  • Preventive maintenance and parts replacement before faults occur

GEBHARDT Full-Service FAQs

What does a full service contract cover?

The full-service contract provides comprehensive support for your system in all areas relevant to service. We will put together a team of service technicians, adapted to your requirements, who will take care of your system from the day of its go-live. The technicians’ tasks will include regular maintenance work in accordance with our operating instructions, as well as ongoing maintenance and service of all devices at the recommended intervals. Additionally, our on-site team will also be the first point of contact for all system faults, and will either rectify faults or contact subcontractors (e.g. for purchased trades) as required. What’s more, our full-service team has access to the hotline for all relevant trades, thereby allowing it to engage experts from all requisite areas within defined response times. Any signs of wear will be detected early on, before they can cause system downtime, and the team will schedule and carry out repairs in such a way that system availability is impaired as minimally as possible.

Is there a minimum contract term?

The minimum term of a full-service contract is three years. The contract can be extended after the initial term.

What is the on-site service?

Your personal full-service team will be composed of technicians who best meet your requirements and will depend on the products that you use, and how many, and the times at which your system needs to receive support from the full service. These factors will also determine the number of technicians in the team.

We look specifically for technicians local to you to staff your full-service team. Our objective is to conclude a potential full-service contract as promptly as possible after the project contract, so that the team can be involved throughout the assembly and commissioning processes of your system. This way, we can ensure that your team receives optimal and in-depth training.

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