The Remote Service for Your Material Flow System

With our remote service, we offer customers competent and rapid support in the event of faults by analysing and identifying the corrective measures promptly via remote access to your intralogistics systems.

To help us, we have a team of trained control system and software specialists on hand around the clock, allowing us to respond to any potential problem with skilled expertise and experience. We can adapt access times to our remote support, and the response times you need, to your requirements.

In addition to classic remote service, our digital services, such as GEBHARDT SmartGlass and the Galileo IoT® platform, provide a high level of additional support options for more repaid and detailed fault analysis.

Our aim is to ensure maximum system availability!

Advantages and Benefits

  • Guaranteed response time in the event of a fault
  • Reduced downtime
  • Shorter repair times
  • Improved availability
  • Professional fault analysis
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Central point of contact

We’re Here for You

The remote service guarantees integrated support in the event of a fault. The boundary conditions of the remote service agreement govern both the time in which you have access to these support services and the response time – the time by which fault analysis and our remote service time should begin. There are several different options available according to your requirements. Of course, customised time solutions are also possible, regardless of the standard versions.

Central recording and classification of all enquiries and faults in our ticket system ensures that your enquiry receives a response as promptly as possible with advice from the right experts, thus ensuring that your system is back up and running as quickly as possible. Additionally, you will also receive an automated report detailing the cause of the fault and the measures taken with every call to the hotline.


How does the hotline process work and whom should I contact?

A fault can quickly have far-reaching consequences for a customer’s business, so we seek to make access to our remote service as straightforward as possible. Regardless of the type of problem that you face, you can always reach our remote support team on the same number: +49 (0)7261 939 111

Our service desk colleagues will record your fault and immediately endeavour to isolate potential causes. A ticket will then be created, and you will receive an automatic notification giving you the ticket number and other details of the ticket.

Our remote support team will receive your ticket immediately for processing.

What remote service period and response time are recommended?

The response time and desired remote service period are individually adapted to your requirements. We would be happy to advise on what might be suitable, please get in touch.

What is the on-site service?

The on-site service is an additional option that gives you the option of having a service technician come to you within a fixed period of time in the event of a fault.

Here too, we always adjust the boundary conditions to your requirements, and would be happy to advise.

Are hotline hours billed separately or is the contract price a flat-rate price?

The annual flat rate for the hotline contract covers both the on-call service within the agreed response time and agreed period and the hotline hours themselves. The contract price is a flat-rate price that includes all hotline hours. Only on-site deployments that come about following a hotline call will be billed separately, as well as changes to an existing control system.

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Downloads for More Information

Brochure GEBHARDT SmartGlass


Brochure GEBHARDT Galileo IoT®