GEBHARDT Maintenance

One Step Ahead at All Times

To ensure maximum availability of your system, our qualified service engineers are available for maintenance and on-site service. As in the course of our projects, we are happy to assume planning of relevant services throughout the entirety of the scope of delivery.

With regular maintenance and – on request – safety inspections, we can ensure early detection of potential problems, thus enable pro-active rectification. This results in fewer faults and failures, and avoids downtime.

During our on-site deployments, our specialist engineers will be available to your maintenance team to answer any questions about your system that may arise.

Advantages and Benefits

  • High level of system availability
  • Early identification of potential problems
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime
  • Maintenance carried out by qualified personnel
  • Full planning by GEBHARDT

GEBHARDT Maintenance FAQs

How regularly should the system be maintained?

The maintenance schedule will depend on the operating hours of your system and is determined on a system-by-system basis. The more hours a system operates for in a single day, the shorter the recommended maintenance interval will be. We would be happy to advise you.

How long does maintenance work take?

The time taken is also individual to the customer and will depend on the configuration of your overall system. Each device has unique maintenance requirements and the total sum of all devices installed in the system will determine the maintenance duration.

What maintenance times are available?

We can tailor the time at which maintenance is carried out to your requirements and the times at which the system can be made available to us. Maintenance work can be carried out during normal working hours during the week, at the weekend or during the night shift. Additionally, customer-specific models are also an option, such as from the afternoon onwards.

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