Modernisation of Your Existing Intralogistics System

Technological advancement and digitalisation often mean that adjustments to existing intralogistics systems are essential. To ensure that your business is fit for the future, we offer support with establishing the ‘Smart Warehouse’. Modernisations of existing systems are a significant challenge that needs to be carefully considered and planned – GEBHARDT retrofit and the modernisation team would be happy to support you.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Modernisation instead of new acquisition
  • Improve the performance of the existing system
  • New functionalities and technologies
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Secure spare parts availability
  • Longer service life
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Turn Old into New

Retrofits can be undertaken on various systems, from individual container storage locations to complete warehouses. Reasons for doing this include modernisation, to improve performance, because of workflow changes or even due to discontinuation of spare parts.

In the quotation phase, we will discuss the conversion scenario that you have in mind so that we can design the system according to your new requirements. The most important factor is ensuring the right conversion concept that minimises downtime.

We can provide mechanical, control system, material flow and warehouse management system solutions.

Areas of Application


We pave the path to your future with mechanical solutions. Whether a maintenance package, conversion kit, control system upgrade or complete device replacement, we will develop the concept that you need.

Control Systems

Electronics are ever changing and system modernisations are commonplace. Whether it’s the replacement of a control system, a change to the scanner system or the latest generation of inverter, GEBHARDT can support you with the modernisation of your project.


It doesn’t matter whether demands on your software have already changed or you expect them to change in the future – our specialists ensure that your supply chain and control system software is inspected from the ground up, adapted to the latest standards and readied for maximum future compatibility. The effective upgrade for high-performance logistics and processes. A good way to restore state of the art to tried-and-tested systems.

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