Training As a Preventive Service

GEBHARDT offers a modular training concept, allowing you to participate in both individual training courses and multiple courses in combination. Our range of training courses is designed to prepare you and your personnel to work with the intralogistics systems and to ensure proper interaction between operator and machine. Each of the three training courses offered by GEBHARDT has a different focus, covering all potential problems that may arise and offering a relaxed route to more rapid and efficient working.

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Advantages and Benefits

  • Optimal interaction between customer personnel and the system
  • Reduction in operator errors
  • High availability
  • Short response times for straightforward faults or component failures
  • Cost savings

GEBHARDT Training Concept

Operator Training

The operator training course is designed to ensure that your maintenance personnel have the capability to handle the intralogistics system. This training course takes a general look at how the system should be operated and what certain fault notifications mean.

Product Training

The product training course includes a detailed explanation of the products that are installed in the overall system. This course will teach personnel about the individual products and how they mutually interact. This will give participants a level of background knowledge, providing them with a better understanding of the overall intralogistics system and allowing them to communicate more effectively with the GEBHARDT hotline in the event of a fault, in turn ensuring more rapid fault rectification.

Repair Training

The third module in the training concept is the repair training course. Complex or more extensive repairs that may occur over time are usually carried out by a GEBHARDT team of service technicians. Sometimes, however, components may fail and be fairly straightforward to replace. In that case, there is no need to wait for a repair deployment by a GEBHARDT team – with our repair training course, you can give your personnel the tools they need to undertake simple component replacements and repairs by themselves, thus ensuring higher availability and reduced costs.

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