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Our core competence lies in the automation of the internal material flow. Our conveyance and warehouse systems are in use around the world, and help our customers to gain competitive advantages. This is based on modular products in conveyance and warehouse technology that are flexible in application, and the integrated concepts for automation technology, software and IT integration.

Product Portfolio

Warehouse Technology and Systems

GEBHARDT warehouse technology guarantees maximum delivery capability. We transform simple buildings into efficient distribution centres. With shuttles as well as storage and retrieval machines combined with appropriate load handling devices, we help you achieve high throughput performance in your warehouse.

Conveying, Handling and Sorting

GEBHARDT can provide you with efficient handling systems for containers, trays and cardboard boxes as well as for pallets, wire crates and other load carriers. This well structured modular design includes all the modules you need to configure flexible-usage material flow routes. Sorting technology is characterised above all by a low noise level, high availability, maintainability and scalable sorting performance. With modern and decentralised control technology, we make your facility fully ready for Industry 4.0.


Classic workstations as well as the integrated workstations from GEBHARDT are the answer to constantly growing demands on personnel and systems within the order picking and intralogistics business. Technically-guided work coupled with outstanding ergonomic design of the workplace and environment are the instruments here. In this way, strain on the employee is reduced and an effective basis is simultaneously established for increasing the order picking capacity.

Automated Guided Vehicles

The automated guided vehicles from GEBHARDT are revolutionising the flow of goods in intralogistics. They transport fully autonomous, cooperative and intelligent goods from A to B. This facilitates shorter throughput times and a seamless material flow, through which to achieve optimisation right along the added value chain.

Goods Lifts

The GEBHARDT ConVer® goods lift is the ideal assistant when it comes to linking different floors, and is an efficiency turbo in manual order picking for example. A range of different types facilitate targeted implementation in your facility.


With GEBHARDT software solutions, we provide you with the ideal equipment to optimise both the inventory and the flow of materials to assure delivery readiness at all times.

Highlight Product

GEBHARDT Cheetah® neo

Learn more about the automatic miniload warehouse storage and retrieval machine.

  • Fully automatic storage and retrieval
  • For load carriers weighing up to 300 kg
  • For containers, cardboard boxes and trays
  • Patented GEBHARDT drive solution prevents vibration
  • Low-maintenance toothed belt engine (hoist drive)
  • Pull-out maintenance platform

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