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Innovative Materials Handling for the Future

To assure a continuous, flexible, productive and more reliable flow of materials in intralogistics, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are the innovative solution of the future in the era of digitalisation and Industry 4.0. These allow a higher degree of automation and solve problems of ever increasing complexity. In turn, this makes it possible to meet demands for increasingly variable products with small quantities, constantly changing production conditions, as well as just-in-time provision of materials. This makes it possible to achieve short throughput times as well as optimising the use of individual stations to achieve a high overall availability. With the help of an AGV, it is possible to optimise the internal flow of materials as well as the entire value chain. Depending on the AGV type, goods of different weights of material can be moved autonomously through the warehouse. That is why automated guided vehicles are the innovative answer for the future of internal material flows.

Overview of Automated Guided Vehicles

Freely navigating system


Freely navigating system


Track-guided system


Automated Guided Vehicle From GEBHARDTfor the Networking of End-of-Line Processes at MOSCA

Linking of end-to-end processes using the GEBHARDT KARIS® AGV and MOSCA strapping solutions. Using map layouts, the AGVs move around the production environment and can avoid obstacles autonomously. They take over packages fully automatically and can transfer them to subsequent stations at different heights with the aid of an integrated lifting system. With their interface and a mobile application, they can also be operated and tasked conveniently using terminal devices such as tablets. In the same way, their performance can also be analysed.

Examples of individual applications for GEBHARDT AGVs



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