The solution for automated material transport

The modular automated guided vehicle system GEBHARDT KARIS® Flow is suitable for automated material handling in production environments and warehouses. By combining a lifting mast with a double load handling attachment with a gripper function, GEBHARDT KARIS® Flow offers a range of outstanding features and benefits. 

The system's transfer heights are flexibly adjustable, allowing it to adapt to different storage and production environments. This means the system can be used optimally, regardless of the local conditions. 

GEBHARDT KARIS® Flow Broschüre


  • Flexible height adjustment
  • Double play possible
  • No active conveyor technology required
  • Integrated camera system with AI support
  • Modularly scalable

GEBHARDT KARIS® Flow Components

Innovative gripper function and AI-supported camera system

GEBHARDT KARIS® Flow has a gripper function that allows load carriers to be picked directly from shelves without requiring active conveyor technology. This enables efficient and smooth material transportation. Optionally, KARIS® Flow can be equipped with an AI-supported camera system. The system allows for precise detection of individuals, pallets, fire extinguishers, and other objects, enhancing the safety and efficiency of material transportation. In manual flow rack warehouses, AI-optimized image recognition aids inventory and demand management without requiring intelligent racking. 

Aisle-free flexibility for your warehouse

GEBHARDT KARIS® Flow has a modular design and can be easily adapted to the individual requirements of different applications. Thanks to its scalability, it is possible to adapt and expand the system size as required. This enables a flexible and cost-efficient solution for various application areas. The system can be seamlessly integrated into existing storage and picking processes.  

The KARIS® Flow AMRs are used in combination with storage systems like GEBHARDT InstaPick® or Upstream® to link storage solutions with workstations.  

The lifting function of KARIS® Flow allows automated storage systems to access several rack levels from the outside, enabling efficient buffering or sequencing from a robotic put wall. 

Improved process reliability through automation

Automating material transport with the GEBHARDT KARIS® Flow increases process reliability by minimising human error and ensuring reliable and efficient execution of transport tasks. This leads to an overall increase in operational safety and productivity for the operating process.

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