Future-Proof Order Picking Solution

GEBHARDT GridPick® is the new system for implementing LEAN principles and increasing the efficiency of your manual order picking processes. By eliminating time-consuming walking and manual activities, such as moving around with order picking trolleys, we achieve increased pick rates as well as higher performance with the overall logistics of your application. The GridPick® Automated Transport Vehicle (ATV) performs the role of an intuitive, guide that is easy-to-understand and operate, interacting to a very high level with your employees through attractive screen displays and other forms of visual signal. This makes a reality of short induction training times and of error-free and collective batch picking or multi-order picking - even across shift changes or with interruptions for breaks.

Without detours and long searches, your employees are now guided directly to the location of the next pick or the ATV reports independently to the employee's pick zone, so that the focus here can be on efficient and error-free order picking. To link the individual sources and set-down points in the various logistics areas, the AGV navigates autonomously throughout your hall ecosystem without you needing to install complex and costly infrastructure such as tracks or guidance strips. Each AGV will then always find the most efficient route through your order picking process.

In addition to the transparency achieved through the digitalisation and automation of your processes, additional assist functions such as pick-by-light and put-to-light ensure that almost total process reliability is achieved in your warehouse areas. Thanks to standardised interfaces and modular software architecture, integration into existing software environments is simple, ensuring that the system can go into operation swiftly. The constructive design of the GridPick® portfolio concept leads to an increase in workplace ergonomics.

GEBHARDT GridPick® Designs


In the standard version, there are two large loading areas located one above the other. The order picker is guided through the warehouse and through the picking process in a route-optimised manner. The picked articles are verified using an integrated barcode scanner and are sorted into the loading area. The employee has their hands free, is not required to shift heavy loads and the distances and times spent searching for items are significantly reduced.


The GridPick® NA was designed specifically for use in narrow aisles. This design makes the GridPick® NA ideal for increasing order picking efficiency in narrow, manually-operated warehouses. The special feature here is that all four containers can be reached from one side, which means that you don't have to walk around the vehicle.

Advantages of the GEBHARDT GridPick®

  • Easy and quick to implement into your intralogistics concept
  • Easy integration into existing software landscape
  • Swift start-up
  • No changes to the existing infrastructure of your storage areas
  • Makes work easier and improves ergonomics for your personnel
  • Shortened training period for new employees
  • Elimination of wastage of personnel resources
  • Improvement in process transparency and controllability
  • Seamless Track & Trace of the material flow
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs
  • ROI within a short time
  • High flexibility
  • Good scalability
  • Paperless order picking
  • Little investment capital
  • Parallel working between semi-automatic and manual picking possible

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