KARIS® Transfer Stations

All GEBHARDT KARIS® transfer stations are equipped with a wide range of safety functions. Contactless transponders, for example, guarantee the safe position in front of or in transfer stations. In combination with transfer-specific drop guards, a coherent safety concept is created, which prevents the unintentional over-conveying of the conveyed goods.

Workplace-optimised Transfer Trestle

The passive GEBHARDT KARIS® transfer frame is a cost-efficient and spatially flexible solution due to its de-energised design, especially for brown field environments. Extensive finger protection as well as various measures for protection against reaching through also enable simple integration at workstations. In combination with our concepts for an optimal human-machine interface, the employee is seamlessly integrated into the process.

Feed Roller Conveyor for Small Load Carriers

The GEBHARDT KARIS® infeed conveyor offers the perfect interface between passive transfer trestles in the field and active conveyor technology at the sources/sinks. The load-optimised LAM can lift out or deliver the conveyed material through corresponding recesses on the infeed conveyor.

(Double) Roller Conveyor for Small Load Carriers

The KARIS® positions itself at the front of the roller conveyor by approaching from the front or the side. The transfer is carried out by an active roller conveyor LAM on the KARIS. Due to the reversible conveying direction, the transfer conveyor can serve as a source and sink for connection to the stationary conveyor system.

The KARIS® BF2 generates added value especially in logistics processes with high performance requirements. A synchronous transfer of up to four 400 mm x 300 mm totes or cartons meets the highest performance requirements.

Roller Conveyors for Heavy Load Carriers with Increased Load Security

The GEBHARDT roller conveyor combined with the KARIS® design 3 also enables material handling with loads of up to 1500kg. Supplemented with the LAM roller conveyor with increased load safety, even high loads such as fully loaded pallets or pallet stacks can be handled safely and reliably.

Task Chain Conveyor for Heavy Load Carriers

The GEBHARDT KARIS® infeed conveyor offers the perfect interface between passive transfer trestles in the field and active conveyor technology at the sources/sinks. The chain design on the infeed conveyor enables payloads of up to 1500 kg. Supplemented by a fully comprehensive safety concept upstream of the transfer station, this task chain conveyor can be realised as an interface to a restricted area.

KARIS® Components

The GEBHARDT KARIS® can be adapted even better to your needs and requirements with the matching components.

Charging Station with Suction Cup Holder

The GEBHARDT KARIS® charging station is a fully automatic charging system for the field of autonomous transport systems. The charging process begins when the KARIS autonomously drives onto the ground contacts. Through direct communication between the charging station and the KARIS, the charging current is adjusted according to the battery status and system load. This intelligent charging strategy enables a long-lasting and constant performance of the batteries.

Mobile Charger

The mobile charger from GEBHARDT includes a cross-model, manual charging option for the entire KARIS® product portfolio. The connection of the mobile charger with the reverse polarity protected magnetic plug guarantees safe and intuitive handling. In this way, deeply discharged AGVs that have been locked in the track due to incorrectly placed obstacles can be recovered without any problems.

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