Down to the Last Corner of the Cargo Area

GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyors extend the automated conveyor line into the lorry cargo area and therefore account for the "first and last metre" of the internal warehouse control system. This is how GEBHARDT establishes the connection between transport logistics and incoming goods with the delivery of piece goods, or between shipping and the means of transport with dispatch. System breakages are prevented and the workload of your ramp employees is reduced.

ConBoom® Configurator

The ConBoom® configurator allows you to submit your individual request to us in just a few simple steps.

Your Advantages of the GEBHARDT ConBoom® Telescopic Belt Conveyor


Flexible, customisable access systems are key to your success. Efficient, time and energy-saving loading processes streamline the material flow. Integrated systems ensure a smooth transition from transport logistics to internal conveyor technology – in every direction.


The ramp employees can concentrate on two tasks: Extending or retracting the GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyor to the correct position simply by pressing a button and placing the unit load when unloading or removing the unit load when loading. The ergonomic design and the extensive safety precautions, such as covering all moving parts, are essential factors for ensuring high productivity and safety in the workplace. Everything else is controlled by the system through seamless integration into the conveyor technology.


The GEBHARDT ConBoom®, is an extendable belt conveyor which is directly integrated into the material flow. They are then installed at the Incoming Goods ramp and used as unloading conveyors to take the goods from the lorry and feed them into the material flow. GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyors can be installed as a loading conveyor system between the Shipping department and the transport vehicle, where they perform the bulk of the loading work. The technology, which has been perfected thanks to years of experience, ensures that the transport processes run smoothly.

Special Features

GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyors reach into every last corner. They are fast and flexible and handle the transport tasks for the employees. The loading space in the container, semi-trailer or lorry may be up to just under 22 metres long. The two GEBHARDT ConBoom® series 081 (double extendable) and 082 (triple extendable) each offer three different overall lengths and are available with three different belt widths. This translates into nine double and nine triple extendable GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyors. This modular system can be configured to meet all requirements with all parameters, such as ramp length, access to the conveyor system, transport vehicle and unit load format.

GEBHARDT Sets Up the INTERSPORT Logistics Centre to Respond to New Market and Sales Requirements

INTERSPORT is the number one company in sports retail and supplies more than 1,000 retailers worldwide. The company is using an omnichannel platform to supply its product range with ever-growing success. A shortage of storage space and outdated software made it necessary to upgrade the Incoming Goods department. Solutions supplied by GEBHARDT now make it possible to check in more than 2,000 containers per hour at the Incoming Goods department and to store and retrieve around 1,800 containers per hour. You can see how this was implemented in detail in the reference video.

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