GEBHARDT FlexConveyor

Conveyor Technology Modular System for Industry 4.0

With GEBHARDT FlexConveyor, the idea of a fully decentralised, modular and industrially durable conveyor system becomes a reality. The FlexConveyor therefore becomes the first plug&play modular system in conveyor technology. The technology is robust and ideal for your industrial application - whether for pallet or carton / container conveyor technology.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Modularity & simplicity: Conveyor systems can be easily assembled using modular systems.
  • Fast production: Electrical/mechanical design, initial configuration and delivery
  • Short delivery times: The units are assembled and commissioned at your site
  • Flexible adjustment: Dynamic configuration according to your specifications

Concept of the Plug&Play Conveyor

The concept of the FlexConveyor is extremely simple: Individual conveyor modules are plugged together and interconnected via Plug&Play like in a modular system. After connection to the mains power supply, the modules are instantly ready for operation. From this moment, the material flow is completely controlled by the decentralised FlexConveyor process. In contrast to classic conveyor systems that are built with conventional PLC controls, the GEBHARDT FlexConveyor can eliminate or greatly reduce time-consuming and cost-intensive planning and commissioning.

Flexible Configuration According to Your Needs

The flexible configuration of FlexConveyor technology makes it possible to quickly adapt to the ever-changing requirements of intralogistics systems. The easy-to-use configurator allows both you and the manufacturer to conveniently make adjustments to the modules or the conveyor system. On the one hand, GEBHARDT allows the throughput times to be set in advance as parameters, for example, depending on the length of the designed conveyor. On the other hand, the transport routes can be defined dynamically at your premises in order to optimise the material flow depending on the workstation utilisation, for example.

The GEBHARDT FlexConveyor is suitable for example for simple dispatch lines with a small number of modules, but also in ASS reception areas right through to material flow systems comprising many hundreds of modules. It is up to you to decide whether you want to expand existing systems with the FlexConveyor, use the FlexConveyor exclusively or in combination with conventional systems. Complete systems can be individually set up or converted in a very short time. Lengthy assembly and installation times are a thing of the past.

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How Does the Decentralised Control Work?


The FlexBox is the centrepiece of the GEBHARDT FlexConveyor and is installed as a control component in each conveyor module. Once the modules have been interconnected and networked, the intelligent control algorithm creates a fully decentralised conveyor system. All control functions, such as layout generation, route planning and logic or transport sequences are carried out exclusively by the individual FlexBoxes as well as the communication between the modules.


The modules communicate with each other via FlexConnect and are based on the standardised Ethernet connection and communication technology. Each FlexBox features four ports to which the direct neighbouring modules can be connected. They are then detected - even during operation - and included in the fully automatic generation of the topology.


The flexible HTML5-based FlexControl configurator is used to visualise, monitor and operate FlexConveyor systems. Among other things, FlexControl makes it possible to display the current system layout, query module information (including sensor, actuator and error states), define routes for the material flow as well as distributions for switches and transfer units. The system's operating mode can also be set. Modern web technology makes FlexControl easy to use on almost any system.


The modules are supplied with power via FlexPower. Each module features one current input and several current outputs. The modules are wired in series and are interconnected via a simple plug-in system. When the conveyor system reaches a certain size, several independent circuits can be implemented to supply the modules with power.

Connection Box

Each system is equipped with a connection box. It serves as an upstream gateway to the operator's power grid and ensures that the modules are supplied with power. At the same time, the connection box meets all the emergency stop requirements specified in DIN 13850.

Advantages of the GEBHARDT FlexConveyor

  • Quality management through uniform control and cabling concept
  • Adaptability to evolving requirements
  • Incident compensation through decentralised control
  • Planning the conveyor system via drag & drop
  • Easy handling
  • Reusability and sustainability
  • Reduced expenditure

GEBHARDT Industry 4.0 Conveyor Technology SmartConveyor & FlexConveyor

With GEBHARDT Smart & FlexConveyor, the idea of a fully decentralised, modular and industrially durable conveyor system becomes a reality. This conveyor system offers real plug & play and is an alternative to the classic PLC.

GEBHARDT was awarded the renowned VDI Innovation Prize for Logistics 2014 at the 23rd German Material Flow Congress in Munich together with flexlog GmbH for the GEBHARDT FlexConveyor.

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