Ball Table

Workstation Components for Container & Carton Conveyor Technology

The GEBHARDT ball table is suitable for the manual transport of containers, cartons, trays and other load carriers. The ball table is used for manually rotating or moving a conveyance good on all sides. The device thus works without a drive and does not require the conveyance good to be lifted. However, this requires that the conveyance good has a flat base. The ball rollers are riveted into a steel plate that extends over the entire conveyor. This prevents the loss of items when orders are picked. The ball table is used at normal room temperature in closed rooms.

TYP 332.01

Without drive

  • Conveyance goods can be moved in all directions
  • Suitable for the manual transport of load carriers
  • Up to max. 50 kg

Advantages of Container and Carton Conveying Technology

  • High throughput and continuous productivity
  • Optimisation of workflows thanks to the basic ergonomic concept
  • Modular and scalable conveyor systems
  • Comprehensive consultation and fast supply of spare parts
  • State-of-the-art technology and reliable components
  • High quality through in-house production and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

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