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A host of value-added processes in logistics make it necessary to sort unit loads. Standard sorting systems are primarily used in distribution systems with warehousing and order picking, in cross-docking by retailers and CEP services and for letter sorting. Besides the mail order industry/e-commerce, other typical areas of application for sorting systems include the pharmaceutical and textile industries, returns processing and omnichannel applications. Due to the booming online trade, both the worldwide packet volume and the purchasing behaviour as well as the customers' expectations (e.g. same-day delivery) have considerably increased over the past years.

Sorting technologies are essential for sorting all your goods with a variety of designs and according to specific criteria. This means that goods that were not previously sorted are sorted with the system according to specific criteria that you have defined in advance.

This makes it possible to solve time-related problems with sorting and distribution technologies and automate a step that requires a lot of human resources. Shorter throughput times and on-time delivery can also be ensured.

Sorting Technology Selection


GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® loop

GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® line

GEBHARDT GridSorter®

GEBHARDT SwitchSorter®


GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® loop at flaconi

In autumn 2020, GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group received an order to implement packet conveying and sorting at the online beauty pure player flaconi. The highlight of the new logistics centre is the connection of the new GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® loop to the warehouse control system, including the PLC control. In just nine months, the fast-growing retailer can now flexibly and quickly respond to customer-related orders on an area covering 28,000m2 at the Halle location.

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