For cost-efficient and simple sorting processes

With the GEBHARDT ArmSorter, you rely on the perfect entry-level solution for automated sorting technology. Thanks to its unique price-performance ratio and compact, modular design, it is suitable for small distribution centres and inbound sorting. 

 The GEBHARDT ArmSorter is an efficient sorting solution for standard formats with dimensions from 200 x 150 x 10 to 1,000 x 800 x 800 mm and weights from 0.1 to 35 kg. With a speed of 1.25 m/s, it distributes up to 2,500 packages, poly- or paper bags per hour. The sorter is easily expandable and enables fast commissioning, maintenance and flexible adaptation to individual requirements and space conditions. 

GEBHARDT ArmSorter Brochure

Advantages for your sorting process

  • Cost-efficient sortation solution
  • Perfect for smaller consignment volumes
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Scalable design
  • High destination density
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect solution even for smaller applications
Robust and flexible

The GEBHARDT ArmSorter is characterised by its simple design and robust construction, contributing to its efficiency and effectiveness in both form and function.  

The upstream conveyor system transports packages, poly- and paper bags to the sorting line. The sorter receives information about the correct position via a barcode attached to the conveyed goods. Once the correct position has been reached, swivel arms located on the side of the conveyor system eject the parcels to the destination. The purely mechanical design of the swivel arms and the pneumatic drive make this sorting solution particularly low maintenance. The GEBHARDT ArmSorter offers total flexibility at the destinations with wire mesh boxes, a wide variety of sheet metal chutes, gravity roller conveyors, or a connection to the conveyor system. 

Fast sorting - flexibly expandable

With a speed of 1.25 m/s, the GEBHARDT ArmSorter gently distributes standard formats in the dimensions 200 x 150 x 10 to 1,200 x 800 x 800 mm and a weight of 0.1 to 35 kg to the destination. In this way, it achieves a throughput of up to 2,500 parcels, poly- or paper bags per hour. Expanding the ArmSorter to accommodate an increased number of sorting destinations is a simple and effortless process.  

Integrating each component of the sorting line, including destinations and individual elements, is simple. This allows for fast and straightforward commissioning and maintenance, as well as flexible customisation, to suit your specific requirements and space constraints.

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