Versatile Configuration Options

The GEBHARDT F-RED sorter is a lifting table sorter with a modular design. It offers versatile configuration options for the ideal integration into your system.

The Concept

In its standard configuration, four to eight parallel flat belt strands transport the conveyance good. At the ejection points, the carrier rollers of a roller lift table allow you to eject your conveyance goods at an angle of 90°. This can be achieved on both sides, depending on the configuration. The goods are ejected while the material flow continues. The resulting substantially higher throughput rate provides you with an advantage over other systems, e.g. based on lifting belt transfer units.

The positioning of the outgoing tracks can be freely configured and is not subject to a predefined pitch. Thanks to its flexibility, the GEBHARDT F-RED can be perfectly adjusted to your existing requirements. The flat belt, which is used as the transport medium, not only ensures low-noise and smooth transport of your conveyance goods. Its slip-free contact between the flat belt and the conveyance good also provides very high ejection accuracy at the ejection points. The distinctive properties of this design are rounded off by its ease of maintenance and high energy efficiency.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Modularity
  • Easy system integration
  • High throughput
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maintainability
  • Noise reduction

GEBHARDT Sets Up the INTERSPORT Logistics Centre to Respond to New Market and Sales Requirements

INTERSPORT is the number one company in sports retail and supplies more than 1,000 retailers worldwide. The company is using an omnichannel platform to supply its product range with ever-growing success. A shortage of storage space and outdated software made it necessary to upgrade the Incoming Goods department. Solutions supplied by GEBHARDT now make it possible to check in more than 2,000 containers per hour at the Incoming Goods department and to store and retrieve around 1,800 containers per hour. You can see how this was implemented in detail in the reference video.

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